Saturday, April 15, 2006

It's Been A While...

It's been a while since my last post and lots has happened in that time. For one thing I passed my driving test and even managed to do it before my 40th birthday which was at the end of January. I had such a great birthday and received some wonderful presents...I've decided I'm going to be 40 every year from now on. LOL.

The stitching has been going well and I've had a few finishes so far this year. This picture of my grandparents was finished a tad too late for my Dad's Christmas present, but it's now framed and up on the wall.

This San Man Originals design was, as you can see, made up into a small cushion and I think I sent it as a gift to my friend Sue in Kent. It's a while ago now, but I haven't got it so I must have sent it to someone!
I have also finished a picture of my other set of grandparents but don't appear to have a photo of it on this PC. Or the other designs I've finished. Will post more pics when I get on the laptop downstairs later today.
I joined Weight Watchers in the middle of March and so far have lost 9lbs. I received my first Silver 7 on Monday night for losing 7lbs...I was really chuffed. It's been hard work but Craig is keeping me company on the diet and Kate is trying to lose some weight too. Mind you, I seem to be the only one who is losing anything!
Today I'm meeting an online stitching friend from Shropshire. Lynn is visiting her Mam in Shields (can't remember if it's South or North) and is coming over for the day. I'm taking her to Kate's Kloths first and then we're going to spend a couple of hours - and some money - in Jayne's Attic. Can't wait to meet her, she seems really nice and friendly.
Another friend, Kathy, who lives in North Somerset, is visiting us for a few days next month, and she is bringing her twin boys with her. They'll be 6 by then. We chat all the time on MSN and on the phone and she is a right laugh.
We're off on holiday to Ayr at the beginning of May with my parents. We're staying in a caravan park but will be half board for a change. It'll give Craig a rest from cooking and I've never been to Ayr.
I'm planning a road trip in the summer holidays to visit a few friends. I'm going by myself, which will be an adventure in itself, just me and the trusty Sat Nav. I'm starting off my visiting my good friend Sue in Kent. Hopefully she'll be all settled in her new house by then. After a week with Sue I'll be off to North Somerset to stay with Kathy for a week and finally I'll be having a week in Shropshire with Lynn. Can't wait!

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