Saturday, April 15, 2006


Today I had a visit from Lynn from Shropshire. I met her on the Aion message board and we've chatted on MSN for a while too. Her Mam lives in South Shields so she's been up visiting her for most of the week. We arranged for her to come over here to use for the afternoon and I would take her to a couple of needlecraft shops.
Lynn and her daughters, Cindy and Janine, arrived at our house at about 11.30am, and after hugs hello we swapped over into my car and I drove us to Kate's Kloths. Lynn was in heaven in there, oohing and aahing over everything in sight. Can't say I blame her, it's a cool little shop, filled to the rafters with Kate's own hand dyed fabrics and threads...and that's just upstairs. Once we were finished in there, and Lynn had spent a suitable amount of money, we went along to Jayne's Attic. Again, Lynn thought she'd died and gone to heaven. She bought me a lovely Judy Dixon design called Gentle Touch. I've just been trying to find a picture of it but can't find one anywhere. After a glass of bubbly with Jayne and some other customers to celebrate Jayne winning a couple of awards in the recent Origin Publishing awards, we headed off to the Cherry Tree pub for something to eat, as Cindy and Janine were starving.
After returning home about an hour later, we had a bit of a natter and I showed Lynn some of my current projects. She was gobsmacked when I showed her my stash collection. LOL. Lynn and the girls left not long after that, once she'd chosen which two ORT bags she wanted to buy from me to. I've started making these to order, and have done quite well so far. I had a splurge over the last couple of days and made a whole load up, although only actually finished 6 of them. The rest have been machine stitched, but need finishing off by hand.

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