Thursday, May 07, 2009

First Photo Chart Finished

...Still got one to do. This is the first one though. I put the last stitches into it at tea time today. Will have a couple of days break before I start gridding the next one then get stuck into it.

Took this photo of Kate with Keely the other day. Don't often get Kate on photos so thought I'd make the most of this one. Keely will be 8 months old on Saturday, doesn't seem two minutes since she was born.


brokenfairy said...

That is lovely Jacqui, and wow 8 months already!! That has flew by!!

lena-lou said...

Wow Jacqui that is amazing both the likeness of 'boy' and how incredibly fast you have got the little sweetheart stitched !! Lovely picture of your DD and her DD :-))

Have a nice weekend !

Karan said...

Fab pic - those 8 months have gone so fast!
Great finish. :0)