Friday, April 24, 2009

Biker Babe

Just had to share this photo with you. Dene came over last night. Can't remember WHY he came but he did. Anyway, while he was here I got him to put his crash helmet on Keely to see what she would do. She thought it was hilarious so there was a mad dash to get the camera and Kate took a photo with her phone. I would have taken one of her smiling but the batteries went dead and no-one could be bothered to come upstairs and get some more.

Dene's coming over again tomorrow for his tea - it's his birthday tomorrow so might do something special for him. If it's fine I'll try and get Keely on the back of his motorbike and see how she likes that.


Rowyn said...

Great photo. Sooo cute and funny! :-)

Gaynor said...

Very cute...isnt she a sweetie!

The Kittens' Mother said...

She is so cute! Great photo!

Happy Birthday to Dene for tomorrow!

From Meg and cats xxx

P.S. I love the birth sampler for Keely! :)

Hoebeltje said...

Nice you are trying to stitch real photo's.