Thursday, February 07, 2008

One down, three to go!

Out of the four of us looking for jobs, one of us has finally got one. And about bloody time too. LOL.

Ian had a phone call yesterday morning at 10am from the agency he was signed up with, asking him if he could go to the AA Insurance company in Newcastle for 11am, as a general kitchen assistant. Of course, he was still in bed at the time so he had to get up, pack some of his stuff, then I had to drive him down to his Dad's so he could get changed into black trousers and long sleeved white shirt (which I had to iron for him! I don't DO ironing!) then try and find Newcastle Business Park. Ian directed me the wrong way along Scotswood Road but I managed to get turned around and he ended up only being a couple of minutes late at the place he needed to be.
He rang me up last night to let me know how he'd got on. He was only supposed to be there for three days, but they've decided they like him so much they've offered him a full time permanent job, starting today. He was chuffed to bits when I spoke to him. It's only minimum wage, but he's back in a kitchen - which is what he spent 2 years at college for - and it's all day work, no nights. I'm really pleased for him.
Typically, he also had a letter from the holiday park in Berwick yesterday afternoon - Dene got one too - asking them to go back on Saturday morning for the final stage of the recruitment process. I asked Ian if he wanted to go, before I knew he was going to be employed at the AA, but he said no cos of this job. Dene hasn't decided if he wants to go back yet, it'll depend on if he gets internet access in the caravan. I've got a feeling he won't bother as he didn't really want to do bar work again. I've told him to apply to Hayes Employment Agency in Morpeth as when Kate applied to there they had lots of admin vacancies available. So I think he's going to do that instead.
Kate is still in Nottingham, and still looking for work. She has another month down there before her return bus ticket runs out and she has to come home.
I have another interview this morning, for a taxi company as a call taker. This will basically be taking calls from people wanting to book a taxi. I've done this type of work before, 15 years ago, so it'll be a doddle. And it'll be sitting down which is even better. Hopefully I'll also be able to take my stitching with me to do in quiet periods. Just little things that I don't need to concentrate on or take a lot of stuff for. I'll let you know how I get on, but now I have to go for a shower and slap on some war paint.


Karen said...

good luck in your job hunting, thats great Ian got a job

Karan said...

Congrats to Ian & Good Luck with your interview Jacqui, hope it goes well.