Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Aren't these red roses gorgeous? I already got a bunch of carnations with my breakfast this morning, from Craig, and another bunch from XDH when I met him at lunch time. Then when I got home this afternoon, these beautiful flowers had been delivered too. The smell from them is amazing. There was also some nice post too. I knew the phone bill was due from BT, but when I opened it, instead of the £250+ bill I was expecting, it was a -£250 bill instead! Instead of us owing THEM that amout, they owe US! Of course, I had to ring them up to make sure they hadn't made a mistake, and apparently it's money refunded us from 2006, rental charges or something. I think they thought I was going to complain when I rang up, but all I wanted to do was make sure it was right, so that we weren't lumbered with a doubled bill next time when they realised they'd made a mistake. But they haven't...or so they said. So, no bill this time, and not much of one next time either. WOOHOO!!!
As it's our anniversary as well as it being St Val's Day, Craig is cooking a meal for us tonight. I have no idea what he's making mind you, but there's some serious noises coming from that place with the hot thing and the wet thing...think it's called the cooking room? Domestic room? Kitchen...that's it! I don't go in it much, unless I'm on my way to the bathroom/loo which are on the other side of it. PMSL.


Julie said...

enjoy your meal

Karan said...

Gorgeous flowers & enjoy your meal Jacqui. :0)
Love yesterday's finish too.

Stitcher said...

Happy Anniversary.