Friday, February 08, 2008

Another Rejection

I went for another interview yesterday, at a taxi company in Newcastle. Now I could do this job standing on my head with both hands tied behind my back ('cept I'd need my hands to type with!) and I thought I'd be in with a good chance, especially as I've done a similar job years ago. This is the email I just received:
Dear Jacqui
I am afraid to say that we can not employ you at this current time due to lack of funding as the company is stuck in limbo due to the company being for sale and after interviewing you the secretary told me about the situation, you are the favourite candidate for the job and I hope I can contact you in the near future when the funds are available. I have your details on file and we will contact you for employment if any of our current staff leave. I must stress that I found your CV to be outstanding.
Chris seriously needs a lesson in punctuation! But he was a really nice lad and new to the job from what he was saying when he was interviewing me. I actually met the secretary, shook his hand in fact, a man of few words. Wouldn't you have thought that if the company was in limbo and short of funds to employ someone, they wouldn't have bothered putting an advert in the Job Centre? Makes you wonder at their mentality doesn't it! MEN!
Not to worry, I was at the JC again this morning and I've applied for another 8 or 9 jobs since I got home. And now I'm off for a lie down to recover.


Lynn said...

??what are they playing at, advertising for a position that they can't pay for? Obviously run by men !!

Hope some thing comes up soon Jacqui. Fate is keeping you waiting for just the right job so don't lose heart :)

Jennifer said...

I know it's disheartening to get a rejection, but having been in the market for a while, I can tell you how miserable it is when you don't hear ANYTHING! It was nice that they at least let you know what was going on and that they liked you - you can take some comfort in that. It's terrible (and downright RUDE) when places you've interviewed can't even be bothered to say anything.

Good luck with your job search!!

Christina said...

Sorry, you didn't get the job. That must mean something better is out there for you. Good luck.

Karan said...

Sounds a bit shonky to me. Hope you have better luck next time Jacqui.
Love the four finishes, all very pretty. :0)

tkdchick said...

Well that just bites!