Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Quick, hide the socks!

Kate has finally fallen out with her dad down in Hull and is coming home on Saturday, which means I'll have to hide all my socks. She's a right bugger for nicking mine and not returning them. Yes I've missed not having her around, but I haven't missed the sock thief. LOL.
Craig and I have been to the Metro Centre this afternoon. First off I spent an obscene amount of money on new make-up. I haven't had a splurge like that on me for years. I don't wear make-up very often, but I've decided I'm going to start wearing it a bit more, when I go out, so as my last lot was bought over ten years ago I thought I'd better get some more. After our visit to the Estee Lauder counter in Boots we did some C'mas shopping. There's only about 41 days left till the day so I decided I should start getting some pressies in. I now have all of Mam's, part of Dene's, all of Craig's, all of Kate's, part of Ian's, all of Kathy's and the twins' (just need to wrap and mail those ones), part of my brother Kevin's, and naff all for my dad cos he's an awkward old git. LOL.
We also bought Kate's birthday present on our way home. I was going to just give her money but seeing as she's coming home she can have a proper present. I can't say what she's getting though cos she sometimes reads this. :oP
And now we're shattered. Craig has gone for a bath to try and ease his bad back, and when he comes out I'll be going in, once the water has heated up again.


Anonymous said...

Come on tell us what you got Kate for her birthday we won't tell her!!

Barbara said...

I'm laughing about the makeup splurge. The last time I spent some time and money on that was when Niek and I started dating ... so I guess it's also getting time for me to refresh the stock. LOL!!