Friday, November 09, 2007

Looky what I got!

OH WOW!!! Look what I got in the mail yesterday! I was the recipient of a PIF gift from Goldie. Aren't they absolutely gorgeous? This little pouch, inscribed 'Friends' has lots of beautiful delicate flowers and beads on it, and the scissor fob carries on the theme, it has pastel beads around the edges, has a tiny little heart charm where the ribbon is and has my initial on the reverse. I love it, love it, love it. Thanks Goldie!
I'm going to have a busy day today. I have to go to the BP garage in Bedlington at some point to do a mystery shopper assignment, gotta collect something from the framers - if it's ready - another mystery shopper thing at KFC (YUMMY!!!) and Ian has a job interview this afternoon at a new Irish pub that's opening up in Newcastle city centre. I'm supposed to be going to a Housing vacant property group meeting today, but I'm still loaded with cold and can't stop coughing, so I think apart from the necessary stuff I have to do, I'll be staying close to home where it's warm.
Apparently some parts of the UK are under a flood alert, but I don't think we are. Craig and I took Mollie down to the beach last night at about 7pm, and boy was it cold. We were ok walking one way along the promenade but when we turned around and started coming back to the car it was ruddy freezing and the wind was cutting through us like a knife. I didn't take us long to get back to the car, I can tell you. As soon as we got back in the house I went in the bath to get thawed out. I won't be doing that again in a hurry. LOL.


Barbara said...

Oh that PIF gift is gorgeous!

Sally said...

Ooooh your PIF gifts are gorgeous Jacqui!

I think we were on flood alert last night but as far as I know nowhere got flooded. The sea has been over though. I don't think it was as bad as expected.

Von said...

My goodness, what a glorious PIF gift!!

I was just reading in our morning newspaper about the flood warnings in Britain and storms in N. Europe shutting down ports, etc. Sounds like the perfect day for cuddling up at home with your stitching!! :D

Sharon said...

Gorgeous PIF gift!

Karan said...

Gorgeous PIF gifts, lucky you Jacqui.
Been brass monkey weather here for days too - great excuse to stay indoors & stitch! Hope the cold/cough is better soon.