Sunday, November 18, 2007

Advent Exchange Parcel

I'm taking part in an advent exchange on the Tranquil Stitches board and yesterday my parcel arrived. YIPPEE! I had to open it to find out who it's from (thanks Wendy!) and now I can't wait till 1st December so I can start opening the presents inside it. Kathy and I are also doing an exchange between us two. All of her parcels have now been sent and I'm just waiting for her to send me mine. *Rubbing hands together with glee!*
I've suggested on A Craft Natter that we do an Advent Exchange next year as they're so much fun, and I offered to organise it too, so hopefully that will happen and I'll get LOADS of extra pressies. LOL.
Yesterday was the bi-annual get together in Nuneaton. Usually it's the ladies from the Aion board, but as that doesn't exist anymore and most of us are on A Crafty Natter now we still manage to meet up. The usual crowd was there, plus some new faces, and even Craig managed to make it this time too. We had a great day, lots of chat, a bit of stitching, a goody bag, lots of lovely finished things on display, and I even made some money from selling the things on my web site. Of course, I had to spend some of it as there was some lovely stuff there that other people were selling too.
It's bloody cold here today. It's wet and miserable and I'm freezing. It doesn't help that the gas has run out so I can't put the heating on till Craig goes out and get some credit on the card. Nor does it help that Mollie comes in and out and leaves the doors open. I wish someone would train her to close them. Mind you, sometimes Craig and the kids are just as bad.


Lynn said...

sounds like you had a great day at Nuneaton Jacqui :)
The advent exchange sounds fun, I'll have to think about that one for next year!

Rachael said...

I agree that another advent exchange is excellent idea,
It's great that you got to meet other stitcher's.

Stitchingranny said...

I like the sound of your advent exchange Jacqui. How does it work do you get a small gift to open each day in December? You will have to tell us more.

Heather said...

Jacqui, did Angie go? I'd love to get back in touch with her, I've left a few messages on Yuku for her, but I don't know if she's received them.

Could you perhaps pass on my email to her for me please?