Saturday, April 07, 2007

Still Alive

Karen, you'll be pleased to know that Mollie has survived.

I have relabelled all my DMC thread boxes and am waiting for some nice, kind person to finish taking them upstairs for me. I've sorted out all my hard copy charts and have picked a few out for near future starts. Am going to try and kit them up ready.
Kate has gone to Scarborough today with her boyfriend Matty. And his Mam. Don't think she was too chuffed about Isabel going. LOL. It's a lovely day here today so hopefully it's as nice in East Yorkshire as it is here.
I took my Mam shopping at some ungodly hour this morning. She likes to be in and out of Morrisons before the old biddies get in there, clogging up the aisles. I keep telling her that she's an old biddy too, but she won't have it, bless her. LOL. Since I came back I've been working on Mistletoe and have finished the flowers in section 1, as well as all the cutting. I've made a start on the wrapping, but I was getting bored so I'm having a break.


Karen said...

Glad Mollie is still alive and kicking LOL .
I took a leaf out of your book and I have been very good today I sorted ALL my DMC floss into the right boxes and all the ditto's into the ditto boxes , so I now deserve the ears off my chcolate bunny I think :o)
I like to go shopping before the old biddies get out if we go into town we are always there for 8am for coffee then to the shops that open early , home by 10am

Heather said...

My parents are always complaining about the old biddies too and they're in their 60's themselves LOL