Friday, April 06, 2007

Stash Spring Clean

My lads and husband just love it when I decide to have a stash sort out. This happens about four times a year...I make them carry all my stash downstairs so I can sort through it all, get rid of some things, decide what can go in the "must start soon" pile etc etc.
Tonight I've been sorting through my DMC threads, and have relabelled all the drawers that they're kept in. Some of the drawers have been taken back upstairs and put back in place, but the rest will have to wait till tomorrow now. Tomorrow I'll sort through my fabrics and the rest of my threads, and probably my beads too. I have LOTS of beads. I might also kit up some stuff I want to make a start on in the near future and find a new crate to put those in, as opposed to the crate that my current WIP's are in. Does that sound confusing? Hmmm...probably, but I don't really care. LOL.
Tonight, everything else will be left downstairs, so I hope Mollie doesn't decide to chew anything, otherwise I might have to kill her, or pull all her teeth out.

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Karen said...

I hope mollie is still alive and has all her teeth lol. I am having a stash sort out this weekend as well , I have very few beads tho so that part will take about 2 mins to do . Hope you get everything sorted