Thursday, June 30, 2005

Not long now...

...till my theory driving test. I'm not saying when it is but if I pass I'll be posting on here to let you all know. I had a driving lesson this morning and I'm definitely getting better at using my mirrors, but getting worse at something else...planning and anticipation I think it was. Trevor has marked me down a point on his copy of how I'm getting on, but not on my progress card.

Kate has her first lesson with Trevor on Monday. I have to show him where she works as he's picking her up from there at 5pm when she finishes. So I'll do that during my lesson on Monday morning.

We're off out for a meal tonight, to Mr Lau's in Stowell St, Newcastle. We've never been there before, but have heard good reports about it so we're going to try for ourselves.

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