Thursday, June 30, 2005

Gretna Green

We just came back from a couple of days in Gretna Green, staying in a B&B about 100 yards from the Old Blacksmith's Shop. Admittedly there's not a lot to do in Gretna, but it was lovely and peaceful, the kids weren't with us and it made a nice change to just relax.

We did pay a visit to the Blacksmith's Shop, bought a couple of little pressies in there, and on Monday night we went to the pub opposite, called the Hazeldene Hotel, and had a lovely meal. A bit expensive but lots of it.

Also on Monday we went to Lockerbie, well a bit out of the town, to a one horse place called Corrie, to visit Craig's one remaining aunt and uncle. He has a few cousins, three in Scotland and we think the others (he can't remember how many, 6 or 8) are down south somewhere. When we were visiting Winnie and John, we found out that Craig's Uncle Len died last year. Winnie had written to us, but she didn't have our new address so it was sent to Nottingham, and of course we didn't have our mail forwarded. I think Craig would have liked to have gone to the funeral if he'd known about it.

On Tuesday night we went to a diferent pub for our meal, in Gretna just down the road. It was a few quid cheaper, but it wasn't half as nice as the other place. A bit of a disappointment really.

We came home yesterday afternoon, via Carlisle and most of Hadrian's Wall. I picked up some leaflets for the husband of a friend, who is interested in such things, and posted them off to her today. Hope they're helpful to her hubby.

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