Friday, November 06, 2009

Strange News 1

While we were in Spain we had access to this great little booklet called The Sentinella, which is full of jokes and stories, and is hilarious. I'm going to share some of the entries with you.

Taken from The Sentinella #62 - Axarquia Edition


More than half of all Britons have been injured by biscuits, accoring to a new survey.

An estimated 25 million adults have been injured while eating during a tea or coffee break - with at least 500 landing themselves in hospital.

The survey found that almost a third of adults had been splashed or scalded by hot drinks while dunking or trying to fish out the remnants of a collapsed digestive.

It also revealed 28 per cent had choked on crumbs while one in ten had broken a tooth or filling biting a biscuit. Three per cent had poked themselves in the eye with a biscuit and sever per cent bitten by a pet or "other wild animal" trying to get their biscuit.

The custard cream was found to be the worst offender.

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