Wednesday, November 04, 2009

More Photos - Torrox Costa 05/10/09 - 15/10/09

After we left Nuneaton in the evening after the meet-up, we drove down to Folkestone to get the train through the tunnel to Calais. Keely was as good as gold all the way to Spain, as you can see from the photo below.

Driving towards the Sierra Leone mountain range

The photo below was taken about an hour after we arrived at Cafe Bar Nautico, the bar that Craig's cousin Marion runs with her partner Graham. It was red hot in Spain the two weeks that were there, so we were really lucky with the weather, which was great.

Below: view along the promenade

Below: Keely at the pool. Not that she would go in it, but she loved crawling around at the side. As soon as you put her in the water she screamed her head off.

Below: View from the front of the Cafe Bar Nautico, straight onto the beach. The bar is about 30 yards from the beach, and the sea is probably about another 60 yards. It's a great place to sit and people watch. I could do that all day...and pretty much did!

One day we went to nearby Nerja. Below is Marion sitting in the round bar where we had tapas for lunch. I'd never had tapas before, and nor had Craig, so it made a nice change.

The coastline had some amazing views as you can see from the photo of Keely and I below.

From the Balcon de Europe in Nerja there were more spectacular views, not least of which was looking straight down. The water was so clear and aquamarine blue...beautiful.

Not far from Caleta Harbour is the beach. The photo below was taken looking towards Torrox Costa. The beaches were surprisingly uncrowded along this particular stretch.

Ah yes, my two sleeping beauties. Keely was in a bit of a tired strop one morning, so Craig took her for a lie down in our room. I stood on the balcony outside and took this photo. They look so peaceful just lying there, fast asleep.

Above: Caleta Harbour. There were some gorgeous yachts here, but no good to me, I get seasick!
Below: Marion and Graham. We went to a restaurant overlooking the harbour for lunch on the Saturday, after a walk around the market.

Keely wasn't too chuffed about the beach at first, but by the end of the second week she loved it.

Below: Sunset on the beach.

Marion and Graham only really have one night off a week together, which is a Sunday. We took them out for a meal to a little restaurant that did fab ribs! They were delicious. Afterwards we went back to the bar for drinks and it was after midnight before we went back to the apartment to put Keely to bed. She only had one really late night the whole time we were there.

Above - ME
Below - Craig and Marion on the Balcon de Europe, Nerja

On the day before we were due to start driving home, Marion took us to see this lake, about half an hour drive from Torrox Costa. We went into one of the restaurants overlooking the lake.
Look at those views!


Lesleyanne said...

The photos are fab - looks like you had a lovely holiday. Keely is so cute.

Karan said...

Fabulous photos. The colours of the sea & lake are glorious! Looks like you all had a great time. :0)