Thursday, December 04, 2008

TS Advent Exchange days 1 - 4

Any regular reader of my blog will know that last year on the Tranquil Stitches message board I took part in their Advent Exchange and got lots of pressies from my partner. As I enjoyed it so much last year I decided to take part again this year. I had to buy for Kathy (and she got her parcels back in August when Craig and I were down in Bristol for the weekend) and I received a big box of goodies from Rachael down in erm...Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire. Somewhere down there anyway. On the first day of Advent I received a lovely little notebook with a snowflake cover, which I am now using for next years C'mas lists. I already have ideas for all the advent parcels I'm planning on doing, and I'll be starting in January, or maybe the end of this month, to get things in. There's nothing like a bit of advance planning!
On day two I opened this gorgeous little box containing a selection of C'mas ribbons. I'm thinking of making some ornies for next year so these will come in really handy.
Yesterday I opened another gorgeous box, slightly bigger, containing two spools of Kreinik metallic thread. I haven't decided what to use these for yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something before too long. I just love that blue.
And today, another box, bigger again, containing a small pair of scissors - a girl can never have too many pairs of scissors - and a Menorca sandal keyring. Will probably put the car key on there. I can't wait to see what the rest of my parcels contain. Thanks Rachael, I love everything so far.

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Anonymous said...

You are most welcome!! and it's Derby! LOL I just hope you do enjoy the rest of the packages