Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Advent 16 & 17

Yesterday I opened a lovely little lavender bag kit, which will definitely be used. And today I received a pack of John James petite needles, which are my favourites, and a Star De-tailor, which is useful for pulling those pesky thread ends through. Thanks Rachael, I love 'em.

When Keely was at the clinic on Monday to be weighed (she was 12lbs 6ozs!), the health visitor advised Kate to start weaning her. Keely has been having rice in her last bottle before sleep for the last few weeks, and the odd fromage frais at lunch times. Now that Kate has had the go-ahead to start weaning her properly it's all systems go, but I think we're gonna need some bigger bibs! She really enjoyed her creamy cottage pie today but couldn't manage the creamy rice pudding to follow - ugh gross.

Once her lunch was down a bit, Great Granda got down on the floor with her and did her 'exercises', which she thinks is brilliant. She has such a dirty little laugh and giggles all the time when her Gt Granda is down on the floor with her. Mind you, it's always Gt Granda who's knackered first. LOL.

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't Keely look sweet.

Lovely gifts you're receiving Jacqui.