Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bumps and things

First off, the bump. I know Laura has been waiting to see this so I thought I'd better put this photo first. This is at 24 weeks. The baby seems to be all at the front, she's got no bum, the bitch! LOL.

The most recent piccie of the HAED storykeep I'm doing. I've actually stitched a bit more since this was taken, the whole of that column has been done and I've started the next one.

And finally...we were in Asda this morning and I saw these cute little t-shirts for £1 each. Bargain! Also got some more bodysuits, sleep suits and nappies. Can't get moved in Kate's room at the moment, goodness knows where Kathy and the twins are going to sleep when they come up at the end of the month.

Freecycle is a wonderful invention. Someone was giving away a swinging cradle on there this afternoon, so we rang up and Craig went up to get it. It needs a coat of paint so it's round at my parents' house for Dad to paint for me. Will post a piccie when it comes to this house, after Kathy's been cos there's no room for it at the mo.

Kate got a tax rebate the other day too, and it was burning a hole in her pocket, so we went to Babies R Us, bought a mattress for the new cotbed, a steriliser kit and some bedding. The £200 didn't last very long I can tell you. But at least that was more things we could cross off the list.


Kathy said...

Wow sis you have been a busy bee. Wow Kates bump looks good too.

I love the t-shirts can't wait to come up for my visit.

hugs xxxxx

Christina said...

Oh my, the bump is growing fast. Your bookmark is looking wonderful. Love the shirts, especially the monkey.

Jacky said...

Brilliant - it looks like things are really coming together ;)