Wednesday, May 21, 2008

26 Week Bump

OK, here she is at 26 weeks. She doesn't think she looks very big till she sees these photos, and she still doesn't have a bum. I hate her. LOL.
And the photo below is how I left the HAED tiger thing before it went back on the bottom of the WIP pile.

I've now started something new, called Indigo Dragon that I charted up myself a couple of years ago from a picture I got off the net. Unfortunately I don't still have the original photo so I can't show you what it looks like, and I have no idea cos it was ages ago when I charted it.


Pinkess Lozza said...

Kate's bum looks like it's shrunk..... Not that I always look at her bum lol just always used to get it shoved in my face when she was asleep and stealing the covers!! I can't believe how big she's got in just 2 weeks.... Am thinking she gonna be huuuge when I get up there =O

Christina said...

Oh boy, that baby is growing fast. Your stitching is wonderful, you made a lot of progress.