Tuesday, October 16, 2007

God I'm Knackered!

I was busy getting ready this morning when the phone rang. Actually I was sitting on the loo when it rang but we won't go there! It was my daughter Kate to tell me she has a new job, starting 4th November in Woolworths. It's part time and only for over C'mas but it's a job, and she's still looking for something in admin. Great, she can still come up next week to dog sit while we go to Riga.
An hour after that my youngest son Ian rang.
"What you doing today, Mam?"
"I'm going to the Metro Centre to get some currency changed then going to your Dad's to change the DVD's I borrowed off him and give him some bread that Craig made....why?"
"Do you know where Berwick is?"
"Good...can you take me there today please?"
"Hmmm....I suppose so...why?"
"I've got a job at Berwick Holiday Park and I have to be there by 4pm."
"Yes ok, be ready by 1pm and I'll come and pick you up."
So there was me, legging it down the A1 to the Metro Centre, trying to find Thomas Cook to get the money changed from £'s to Latvian lats, then legging it back up the A1 to get to Mick's and pick Ian up. Talked Mick into coming with me too so he could keep me company on the way back...he was shattered as he's on night shift this week but tough!
Got Ian to the holiday park for 2.30pm and he was off like a shot. If he hadn't been in so much of a hurry I was going to give him some money. Luckily it's a live-in position (it's 60 miles to Berwick and there's no way I was driving him there and back every shift) . Unfortunately, it's through an agency, only temporary and only for two and a half weeks, but it's better than nothing. Needless to say he was straight on the phone to the Sports Cafe to pack that job in, which he hated anyway. I've told him to ask if there's any jobs going for when he's finished this contract.
Von - it took me less than 2 months to do the tigers, less than a month in fact. Way less.


Barbara said...

Congratulations on all the new employment!

Lynn said...

Yeah, thats great news, atleast they've got jobs and will have some money for Christmas ;)

Have a lovely holiday x

Karan said...

Great news on the jobs Jacqui - hope they lead to something permanent for them both.
Hope you have a good holiday too. :0)

Von said...

You do have smokin' needles, Jacqui, lol!

Great to hear your kids have jobs, even temporary. :) You never know how one job or contact will lead to a better job!