Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another Boring Day

The sun is shining, it's quite warm...and I'm bored shitless. Mollie has found her dirtiest, grottiest bone from out of the garden and is currently lying on my bed gnawing on it. I think she wants me to play with her but she's got no chance. LOL.
Apparently the weather in Skegness is gorgeous and Craig has sent me a photo text to prove it. Blue sky, Mam with a cigarette in her hand and squinting...not a pretty picture. It's very hard to get a photo of my Mam WITHOUT a fag and/or pulling a face.
I rang the Drs surgery this morning to speak to the triage nurse, but there's not one available today. I could have gone to sit at the surgery at 10.30am in the hope that I would have been seen eventually today, but I don't think I could have sat an unknown length of time. I was offered an appointment with the GP I normally see for tomorrow at 5.40pm, so I've taken that. At least she knows what's happening and with any luck she'll have the results from the swab she took last week. I only have today and tomorrow left to take the antibiotics, which aren't helping, and I'm hoping she'll be able to give me something tomorrow that DOES work. Fairly quickly with any luck...you know, a wonder cure. I can't cope with this for much longer. I've been describing the pain as being like someone attacking me with razor blades, if it goes on for much longer it'll be me with the ruddy razor blades. Of course, first I'd have to get someone to go to the shop and buy me some. Can you still get razor blades? Proper ones I mean?


Barbara said...

I think they're still available at hardware stores. ;)

Seriously, I can't imagine it (don't want to, honestly) and I just hope that your doctor really does have a miracle cure on hand.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to Barbara... well, at least not to the first bit!! I hope you feel better VERY soon, Jacqui!!

Sally said...

Your Mam sounds just like mine. Most photos I have of her she's pulling a face or has a fag in her hand! Bless her:)

I hope you get something sorted tomorrow Jacqui. Finger's crossed.

Heather said...

Oh Jacqui I hope you're feeling better.

Yes you can still get the real razor blades though!!

Anonymous said...

I am really surprised they gave you antibiotics when you're in that state. Anti b's are renouned for GIVING you thrush. I have to ask for Canestan on my prescription as well if they prescribe antib's as I always get it.

I hope they manage to sort you out soon. Sounds like agony.