Friday, September 15, 2006

Winter Hanging Baskets

Our local council's housing department runs a gardening club where every month or so people meet up at a nearby garden centre and they get a talk or something. Well today it was about winter hanging baskets. Craig and I decided to go along to it and we came away with two lovely baskets that we made up ourselves. We got two free plants each but we had to pay for the rest of them, and the baskets themselves, though not the potting compost. They are now hanging at the front of the house and if I get round to it I will take a photo tomorrow.

Someone is coming round tomorrow to see about us getting a dog. We went to the Dog & Cat shelters but there wasn't really anything we fancied, so I rang an animal rescue charity up before we went on holiday and found out some of the details. The animals they have for rehoming aren't kept in kennels like they are in the shelter, they're farmed out to carers, fosterers if you like, and they look after them till they can be rehomed. That way, the charity knows all their medical history, whether they're good with kids, etc etc. Someone comes out to do a home visit and to see what we require, then they go away, look at what they have and bring round a dog that they think is suitable for us. It's left with us for a couple of hours and we can take it for a walk and see how everyone gets on with it. If everything is ok, then that's it, the dog is ours, if not it's taken away and they look for something else. There is a small fee to pay every week for a year, a sort of contract, I suppose to ensure that we're serious about keeping the dog, and after the year the donation is optional. Now the only problem is which kind of dog to have - Craig likes labradors, and Dene likes border collies. Wonder who is going to win.

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Kathy said...

Hmmm now if it was me I would go for a retriever lol. but I love Labs too hope Craig wins sis.

Hugs xxxxxx