Monday, September 11, 2006

A couple of HDs

Since I got back from my holiday I have managed to finish off a couple of things. First of all I finished off Hyacinth House with the charms that I had to wait for from Australia. They arrived while I was away. There should be a couple of butterfly charms on there too, just above the blue flowers, but I could only get one and it was too big so I decided not to bother. I also didn't bother with the outside border and just did a simple line border instead. Once it's framed it'll look ok.

The second thing to finish was this Merry Hearts design called Garden 9 Patch. This was started as a RR last year on Jayne's message board but it came home with two squares left to do and the words around the border. Yesterday I decided to finish it off and I stitched the flower in the top middle square and the beehive to the right of that, finishing the words off last night while I was watching TV. I know Sheila and Jayne stitched on this but I can't remember who else, so if you're reading this, THANK YOU!

I have a couple more RR's to work on now, and my Nutty Stitchers RR to finish off too. Will post piccies when they're done (and if I remember).

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