Monday, September 11, 2006

Happy Holiday!

Well we made it back from Scarborough. After picking up my parents on Monday (4th) we set off at about 9:15am and arrived at the guest house just after noon. Not bad going considering I drove some of the way. We unpacked our cases then went for a bit of a walk - thankfully downhill - through Peasholme Park. We were hoping to see a naval battle that they have on there, but we'd missed the last one by a day, and they were finished for the season. We had a snack to eat as we were all starving.

We got the bus from the North Bay along to the South Bay, where all the action is. Not that there's much of that in Scarborough these days. There wasn't even anything on at the theatre, all the shows had finished the week before. There were only 4 donkeys on the beach. I can remember when I was little, and even when I took my three kids when they were younger, how Scarborough was always a hive of activity. But now it's looking a bit sad and neglected and could do with a huge boost. There is apparently going to be a big complex built at the North Bay, to replace the Corner Cafe and the swimming pool (where Dene will tell you I tried to drown him when he was little and I took him on one of the big slides!) but goodness knows if that will help.

Anyway, I digress. We walked along the promenade, slowly, with frequent stops. After a couple of hours Dad was shattered so we got the bus back to the North Bay and walked back to the guest house, The Tamarind. We had a relaxing hour in our rooms before venturing out to find somewhere to eat. We had passed a nice looking pub on our way into Scarborough called the Ivanhoe so that's where we went. According to the menu they did a buffet, but when we tried to order it the barmaid said that it wasn't available on a Monday. The food we did eventually end up with was quite nice and there was plenty of it on the plate, very good value for money. Afterwards we went back along to the South Bay and had an hour in the arcades, before heading back to the GH and getting some well deserved sleep - we were knackered!

After breakfast on Tuesday Craig and I went to the Sealife Centre at the extreme end of the North Bay. We spent a couple of hours in there before meeting Mam and Dad in the town centre where they had been browsing round the shops. After a snack for lunch we browsed a few more shops then went down to the promenade and had a short walk followed by a sit down so we could people watch - and believe me, there are some strange people about! By mid afternoon we were worn out so it was back to the GH for a rest. For dinner that evening we decided to try the Ivanhoe again so we could have the buffet. However, this time when we tried to order it we were told that it was only available during the holidays. BUGGER! We decided not to bother with a meal there and went to the Old Scalby Mill instead. The food on their menu was pretty basic so after a quick drink we went to another pub. They didn't have food available so we tried the Ramshill Hotel. This used to be a really plush pub, but it's gone downhill since I was younger, and it's more like an old man's pub (no offence to old men), smoky and not nice at all. We came out of there - the food menu was crap too - and ended up at the Coffee Bean cafe at the bottom of Columbus Ravine. We'd had a sandwich there the previous day and it was quite nice, however, I didn't think much of the haddock and chips that I was served with this time. The fish wasn't very big, just a tiddler, and it was watery too. And I only had a few chips on the plate. Mam's gammon steak was quite big, but it looked anaemic and undercooked. By the time we were finished it was getting quite late so Mam and Dad went back to the GH for a drink in the bar, while Craig and I went along to the South Bay and went in the arcades on the 2p machines.

Wednesday was bright and sunny so after breakfast we drove to Bridlington. Like Scarborough it's in a bit of a decline these days and has changed even since we were there for Mam and Dad's 40th wedding anniversary celebrations in 2004. We wandered round the shops and along the promenade but there was nothing inspiring there to see or do. We had some lunch then went back to Scarborough. After a rest in the afternoon we went out for dinner to the Scarborough pub which is a Hungry Horse establishment. The meals were all lovely, on huge 17" plates and good value for money. YUMMY! We were all stuffed by the time we were finished and although we'd walked our little leggies off all day we had a walk along the promenade at South Bay before heading back to the GH for a drink in the bar.

On Thursday it was another nice day, although a tad windy. We decided to go to Goathland, which is the setting for the TV series 'Heartbeat'. There are photos in Webshots of our visit to this lovely little village. If Mam and Dad hadn't been there we would have probably taken a trip on the North York Moors Railway. Maybe next time! We went back to the GH mid afternoon and had another rest for an hour, well I rested and Craig started packing our case. For dinner that evening we went back to the Scarborough pub and ate another delicious meal. We spent an hour in the arcades before heading back to the GH and having a few drinks in the bar.

After breakfast on Friday we loaded the car up and headed for home. Dene had rang me at 8am to tell me that we wouldn't be able to get back in the house when we got back as the handle was broken. It's been working loose for a few months now, ever since we had the lock replaced, and it finally went on Friday morning while Dene was locking the door on his way out to work. I had to phone my brother Kevin and get him to ring the council so that someone would come out and fix it. We arranged to meet the workman at the house at 2pm, giving us plenty of time to get home. After a quick sortie into Asda for bread and milk we dropped Mam and Dad off at their place, had a quick cuppa then came round here to sit in the car. We came early just in case the workman was early and read our books while we waited. A locksmith eventually turned up at 2.30pm and it took him about 15 minutes to drill and hammer his way through the lock/handle. He had to go away again to get the right bits to replace it but once he came back it didn't take him long.

We had a great time on holiday, though I wasn't all that impressed with Scarborough. Roll on 1st October when Craig and I are going to Prague...can't wait! The furthest Craig has been is France and he's never ever been on a plane so it's going to be a totally new experience for him.


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