Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kid free zone

The kids are finally moved into their new homes. We spent the weekend laying carpets, putting up curtain rails and curtains and moving Dene and his belongings into his new apartment. He was all in by Sunday night. There are still a few things upstairs that belong to him but they can be boxed up and taken over in the car at some point.

On Monday, Dad and Craig finished papering Kate's room and got the carpet put down. We moved her bed over and some of her stuff on Monday night and she's been living there ever since. She's got Ainsley with her to keep her company - she hates sleeping in a house alone. The photos of Kate's room only show one end. There's a single bed at the other end that Ainsley is sleeping in, and when she's gone the cot will be put up in that corner. There should be a wardrobe next to the chest of drawers, but we sort of erm...had a mishap. It was Ainsley's fault (well I'm not gonna blame myself am I!), it fell to bits when we were trying to stand it the right way round as we were putting it together. Consequently it got chucked out of the baby's room window and is currently languishing in bits in the back garden. I'll get Ian to carry the bits of chipboard round to the front over the weekend, then Kate can ring the council bulky rubbish people up to come and take it away.
The rest of this week has been spent finishing off the stairs and landing...

There's no stair/landing carpet yet but the walls are done. The door on the right is the baby's room, and the door straight ahead is Kate's room. All the doors throughout the house still need painting, which Craig is going to do tomorrow.

This is the baby's room. At the minute it's mainly being used for storage. The cot is in here in bits and a spare double bed which is for our house. Eventually. Need a carpet for in here and curtains.

The kitchen is now finished. There's a venetian blind up at the window. The benches need tidying up as we've been using them for just about everything. Her fridge/freezer is coming tomorrow morning (Dene gets his tomorrow too - I'll have to take some pics at his place soon), and there's stuff to hang on the walls but it's basically done.

And the sitting room is done. The carpet is going down on Saturday afternoon. The curtains are up and the papering is done. Maybe I should have taken a photo of the fireplace wall. LOL. You can't really see what the paper looks like on that wall behind the sofa.

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Christina said...

Her place looks great. You all did a wonderful job on it.