Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today was D-Day...the day the baby was due. Needless to say it's going to be a stubborn little bugger like it's mother. Kate had a midwife appointment this morning at 9am, everything is still fine. Hilary did a membrane sweep (basically - for the unsqueamish - it's an internal where the midwife separates the membranes at the neck of the cervix). She said the head is well down in the pelvis but the wall of the cervix is still quite thick. Kate has another appointment for next Thursday, and if there's still no sign of the baby then Hilary will make an appointment for the following week for Kate to be induced. Of course, Hilary will be on holiday the following week so will end up with a different midwife. I hope she doesn't get Hazel who did her booking in appointment - she's had a sense-of-humour and personality by-pass. What a miserable bitch!
Kate is fed-up now and can't wait to have the baby. Her friend Laura in Nottingham is impatient too. Kate rang her up tonight to let her know what's happening (nothing!) and Laura told her to tell Keely that Auntie Laura isn't happy and she'd better hurry up and get here. LOL. What a head case that girl is.
Craig has done a bit more decorating in Ainsley's bedroom. Dad is coming over tomorrow afternoon to help him to do some more. We need it to be finished by Monday when the social worker is coming up from Leicester to start our assessment.
On the job front, I finally got my CRB check back, only took them 13 weeks. Andrea from Shaw Trust, who is arranging my work placement, rang me yesterday to let me know that I'm starting my placement with Sure Start on Monday 22nd September (which would have been my 24th wedding anniversary if I'd still been married to my first husband). With any luck, after the six weeks, I'll get a job with Sure Start. I do want to go back to work, after all these years, but at the same time, I'll have a new grandchild. Kate wants to go back to work eventually too, so there could be a bit of juggling about if she does go back.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to Kate when she goes into labour!!

Pinkess Lozza said...

I am soooo offended!! Head case?!?! Ta Jacqui I love you too lol =P