Sunday, July 27, 2008

House photos

I got Kate to take some photos of her house yesterday while we were there. The first photo is of the sitting room. There's a gas fire behind that sofa, and the door in the corner is an under-stairs cupboard which is quite roomy and contains the electric meter. The two-seater sofa and matching armchair she got for nothing from Freecycle.

Next up is the bathroom, which is downstairs. It's pretty basic - bath, loo, sink - and the colour you see on the walls there is the colour it's just been painted. This is pretty much finished as far as decorating goes, there's just the door to gloss....and the floor to clean.

Below is one corner of the kitchen. It's not a big room, and doesn't have much cupboard space, but considering there's only going to be Kate there I don't suppose it matters that much. It's had one coat of a nice sunny yellow since this was taken and will get another one today some time. The cooker will be going in later on once the painting is done. She definitely needs something at that window, because it looks straight into next door's kitchen window.

The stairs. Not a lot you can say about stairs really is there! We're just going to paint the walls here. It would take too long to try and get all that textured wallpaper off. She doesn't have a carpet for the stairs yet.

This is going to be the baby's room. And it's not staying this colour. The ceiling has been done and the walls have had one coat of white emulsion to take the darkness off. I think it's going to end up a really light minty green/blue colour. The bedding Kate has for the cot has touches of mint in it so the colour will match that.

Below is Kate's bedroom. Kate only took a photo of the back of the bedroom - the room goes front to back with a window at each end - so you can't really tell how big it is. It's 18 feet long and 10 feet wide. The whole room needs stripped, one wall is going to be papered and the other three painted, but I can't remember what colour. LOL.

And finally the jungle, I mean the garden. As you can see it's still full of rubbish from the last tenant. The council are going to come and clear it at some point, but they're behind with gardens at the moment. They told her when she got her keys that if it hadn't been done in a week to ring up and remind them. I think she's going to wait till we get back from our weekend away next weekend before she starts hassling them. If they don't come soon she's going to have a bumper crop of blackberries down that left hand side.


Anonymous said...

Looks in pretty good condition apart from the garden,I hope Kate enjoys living in her new Home.

Lynn said...

the house looks very nice, lucky Kate! The garden will be nice to sit in once it's been cleared out. I hope they're not taking the blackberry bushes away? If she's really good, she could make her own jam lol

Julie said...

'Home Sweet Home' it looks lovely, large garden too. Hope she is very happy there.

Christina said...

What a cute place, it will feel more like home for her once the decorating is done. What a nice size yard. Yum blackberries.