Thursday, July 24, 2008

35 Week Bump

Here's the 35 week bump photo. As you can see she finally has some corker stretch marks (YES! There is a god!) which she isn't too happy about. Told her she could get loads more before the baby is born. I love to cheer her up.

Kate hates having her photo taken, but I managed to get this one yesterday not long after she'd been to the hairdressers for her hair trimmed. We went on a girly spending spree yesterday - Kate got her maternity grant and backdated Income Support so she was rich - first of all going to a charity furniture place where we picked up a couple of pieces. After that we went to Babies R Us for cotton wool, toiletries, nappy rash cream, milk powder (for just in case the breast feeding doesn't work out), top and tail bowl, a soft toy, and a couple of other bits. Then it was on to Ikea where she bought herself a rug, a cutlery tray, some net curtain panels, and I got a lovely duvet cover. Finally we went to Focus for decorating stuff. Hopefully we have all the paint and paper we need to do the whole house. It's all systems go now, we only have 5 weeks till the baby is due.

On Saturday we're off to the carpet shop to get her sitting room and bedroom carpets. I've told her she can have the carpet from her bedroom here for the baby's bedroom, so that will just leave her stair carpet to get.

Today we're making a start on the decorating. Kate has gone round to give the kitchen a good clean and Dene is going when he gets up to make a start on the ceilings for her. Craig will paint the kitchen walls later this afternoon then we can start putting stuff in there. Not that she has much but the cooker can go in and the kettle and the other odds and ends she has that will go in the cupboards.

Just need Dene to get his keys now.


Julie said...

Great pic, i have one of me like that at 39weeks in my bikini LOL

Hope all goes well and that she likes her new home

Gina said...

Oooh - thsoe stretch marks look painful!! I never got stretch marks from being pregnant - al mine have come from all the yo yo dieting I have done. Still, they fade in time!!

Clare - Aimetu said...

Never mind smokin needles - I think it's Smokin Grandma the rate your working - lovely to see it all coming together :) she looks blooming and very happy.

lena-lou said...

Wow what a bump Kate has !! I didn't get any stretch marks so maybe she will be lucky and not get any more than these few :) Not long to go now

melissa said...

Kate, may have earned her "stripes" on her belly but she still has no a$$!!! Now how come I still have my pregnancy a$$ and my youngest in almost 18???

I'm so happy that she has you to help her through all of this!!


Anonymous said...

Not long now, and it'll be grandma Jacqui, have you or Kate chosen names for you, like Granny, Nan,Grammy that sort of
I really hope everything goes well for Kate, and she has a easy birth!!

"Magnolia" said...

How exciting for you guys, Jacqui! A new baby and a new home! Just don't overdo and take your time. It'll all come together!

laura said...

OH MY GAWSH hahaha Kate got fatter!!! Can't wait to see her next weekend :D