Thursday, August 24, 2006

Road Trip Part 2


After a very enjoyable week with Sue and Chris (thank you for having me stay), I headed over to North Somerset on the Monday to stay with Kathy and her family for a few days. I reached her house round about noon and again we had a relaxing afternoon with some stitching. I had a couple of round robins to do, one of which was to pass on to Kathy, and the other to pass on to Jackie who lives in the next village and who was coming to Kathy's on Wednesday afternoon. Neither of them took very long to do and I was able to pass them on successfully.

On the Tuesday we took the twins to Bristol Zoo after a visit to the dentist. We took a picnic lunch with us and sat on the grass to eat it when we were halfway round the animals. There are a few photos in my webshots albums on the left if you want to go and mooch.

Again there was a visit to Hobbycraft on one day, and that was the same day we went to Wildwalk at Bristol which had a living rainforest and which was fairly interesting, although I dont think the twins were really impressed. Towards the end of the week Kathy took me to her LNS where I spent a boat load of money on beading supplies. I could have spent more but decided to pace myself, after all, I still had another week to go!

I left Kathy's on Saturday morning to go to Lynn's and was very sad to say goodbye. But hopefully I'll be going back to stay with Kathy in November while her husband Nick is away on business.

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