Sunday, May 01, 2005

RIP Spike

Spike fell off his perch in the early hours of this morning. When Craig took the cover off his cage he was dead as a dodo on the floor of his cage and rock hard. Once he'd been wrapped in newspaper and put in the wheelie bin we went off to Heighleygate Garden Centre to get a new one. We were telling one of the staff members about what happened and the fact that we'd only had him a matter of weeks, and she gave us a replacement cockatiel free of charge. So the new one is called Charlie, is white - Lutino - and has a few grey markings.

While we were at the garden centre Craig also ordered some gravel for the bit of garden at the front. It's coming on Friday, so he's got a week to finish digging the weeds up, putting more soil in to level it up a bit, lay a weed restraining membrane thingy, then rake the gravel over it all on Friday when it's delivered. He's gonna be a busy little bee.

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