Friday, May 27, 2005

Couple of finishes and new web site

Last weekend I decided we needed a web site, so I tried using FrontPage to create one, having already secured a server and an address. Couldn't figure FP out so ordered a book from Amazon which arrived on Monday. Read through it, then did the test site from the book and it published fine. Went back in to change everything and it wouldn't publish at first, had a tweak, and saved it as a back up, and it worked fine. However, when Kate tried to do her page and we published it, everything went to pot. I ended up starting from scratch, about 4 times, on both the laptop and the PC and I just couldn't get it to work properly. I was gutted as FP is so much better than the editor in Bravenet. SIGH! So I had to go back to Bravenet editor and do it all again on there, and this is the finished result.

As well as messing about with the web site I've met a couple of goals this week. First of all I finished part 9 of the French Marquoir SAL.

And then on the same day, while the PC was defragmenting (to save me getting sidetracked) I finished the May band of the Heart Sampler SAL.

I have now rewarded myself with a small project. It's a Just Nan freebie, called Italian Ice, should have it finished in a couple of days if I put my mind to it. Received a RR in the post today, from the Battling Beginners, so will do that next week and get it out of the way. It should be interesting as there are Krienik threads in it...but they're a bugger to sew with. Thank goodness for Thread Heaven.


Rowyn said...

Well done Jacqui - the website and your stitching are looking great!

Jacky said...

I'll second that ;o)
BTW, did you know you can register for free web space at Rootschat for your family history stuff? I'm just getting to grips with Dreamweaver [Ha!!] before I start to put detail on my page there....