Monday, October 20, 2008

Five bags of sugar

Kate took Keely to the clinic this morning to get weighed. She was TEN POUNDS, FIVE OUNCES!!! What a little guzzler. That's only 5 ounces lighter than 5 bags of sugar. I suppose the bottle of rice and milk she has last thing at night is helping. LOL.

We had a great holiday in Skegness last week. The caravan was clean and on a nice site. Not too far from the town centre and the beach. The weather wasn't crash hot but we only had one really wet day, so that wasn't too bad. Ainsley had her hair cut while we were away, and her ears pierced again. She looks older now...shame she doesn't always act older. LOL.

The meet-up in Derby last Saturday was a good day. We got there just after 10am and it finished at 4pm. Kate's best friend Laura came with her Mum and cousin Olivia to see Kate and Keely, and we went to their house on the Sunday to pass the day away.

A Craft Natter - Derby 2008

Kate and Keely relaxing

Olivia, Kate and Laura

Laura's Dad, Kev, with Keely

Ainsley and her new haircut - above and below

Kate and Ainsley on a horse racing thing in Skeggy

Below - Keely in her bouncy chair


Kathy said...

WOW there are some greta pics there sis, Ainsley looks older with her new Hair Style and Keely looks as gorgeous as ever.

She cure is a guzzler lol, WOW keep going Keely.

Hugs xxxxxx

Elisa said...

Great photos Jacqui....glad you all had a good break!!

kathyann said...

Gorgeous photo's Jacqui,great to see you all looking so well.
Belated congrats to Kate on the birth of her beautiful daughter Keely.
Love from Kathy and the girls