Sunday, October 22, 2006

Flat on my back!

Since we got back from Prague I've been having problems with my back and now that I managed to get up the stairs I can't get back down them, so I'm stuck in bed. I have never been so bored in my life! There is only so much Bejewelled a person can play, there's never anyone on MSN that I can annoy - I mean, talk to - and I never get any emails. I can't even stitch lying down. Believe me, I've tried. I'm fast running out of books to read and think I'll be starting on Craig's Harry Potter books before too long, as I've never read them before.

At least since Friday I've had a commode and the bucket has been banished back downstairs. I've decided to stop the painkillers as they aren't helping anyway and the only thing they do is cause constipation. Not a good thing.

Mam, Dad and my brother Kevin came round for Sunday lunch today. I had mine up here, followed by a very delicious apple crumble and custard. I think the crumble was a joint effort between Craig and Ian. It was yummy. Now everyone has gone again and Craig is asleep beside me as he's knackered, bless him. Wonder what's for tea LOL.

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Kathy said...

Hey Sis, hope you get better soon, only a couple of weeks til Nick leaves for aus. It would be lovely to see you, but don't worry too much if ya can't come, I will come up at half term in Feb.

Hugs xxxxxx